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Polymer Clay Character Sculptures

I’ve created some new sculptures featuring animals and mythical creatures. I have painted three with a fourth waiting for decoration. The first 3 are listed in my Amazon Handmade store. I’ll add pics of the fourth sculpture later (it’s a sloth!).

The polymer clay sculptures I make are constructed from white polymer clay over a wire and wood armature. I’ve used wood items such as clothes pins, wooden beads and wire successfully! For the dragon sculpture, I’ve incorporated colored glass beads. The sculptures are baked, cooled and painted with acrylic and Pearlex paints. When dry, each one is clear coated with non-toxic gloss sealer.

I began this hobby over a year ago. I hadn’t been to pottery class in ten years, and I missed the benefits of kneading clay. I didn’t want to fire up the kiln (besides, it needs repair anyways!) so I tried plain white polymer clay. I had experimented with making fimo clay canes years ago, but always seemed to end up with a muddy gray mass of clay instead of a beautiful bead. My hands are thanking me for the exercise. They are not quite so sore after working this clay around. It provides the joints with some warmth, great for soreness. After 4 days of sculpting, my fingers are much more flexible. Because making these little characters are helping the aches and pains, so I’ll keep sculpting!

I am especially attached to the fox, and I am more than halfway tempted to keep him! You can buy all these original one-of-a-kind sculptures on Amazon Handmade.

Unicorn Polymer Clay Sculpture by Patricia Arnold

Fox Polymer Clay Sculpture by Patricia Arnold

Dragon Polymer Clay Sculpture by Patricia Arnold

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