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J.L. Renee Art & Designs - Your place for handmade gifts and handpainted apparel and accessories by our family of artists. J.L. Renee is fulfilling orders in our new Facebook store in addition to our Etsy and Amazon Handmade stores. You'll enjoy a wide array of handmade products created in Michigan! Visit, follow and like our Facebook page @jlrenn to shop and learn about promotions! Visit our Instagram page to see what we're working on and shop: @j.l.renee Soon, we'll be offering NFT Art for sale!

4 Oak Books publishes coloring books, children's books, non-fiction and fiction titles by authors and illustrators like Jessica Arnold and Lisa Arnold.

BadKats Comics - Join the adventure as you follow the cartoon adventures of Jess the Mess, Subject 819 and Aqua Panda by BadKats Comics founders Jessica and Lisa Arnold. Featuring Free comic strips filled with intrigue and fun!