Draekkon’s Fire

A new fantasy fiction book is nearing publication. Draekkon’s Fire is almost complete! Weighing in at about 100,000 words, this book is an epic tale of dragons, kingdoms at war and plenty of compelling characters!

The cover art for this book has taken almost as long as the novel to create, and I am in the role of author and cover artist once again. The cover artwork based on the main characters: Aeve Draekkon, Storm Crossley, the sorceress Datura and of course, the dragons. In this tale, dragons make a comeback after years without their existence.

The book is filled with intrepid characters from the five kingdoms of Cyntarzia: Draekkon, Silverhawk, Eastmane, Burnleaf and Aquatreya and the hidden realms of Blackstone, the mysterious Gray Ghostlands and Woodhame.

Now being edited, it won’t be long before readers can travel the seas with Storm Crossley or raise dragons with Aeve Draekkon. There will be more to come on the release of this book, including a cover reveal.

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    1. Thank you Carrie! I’ll post links when it’s finished. Editing is going to take some time and the cover design is taking me as long as the book, which is 100k words at this point!

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