Enchanted Christmas Short Story and Poem Anthology

I hope you’ll enjoy my new Christmas short story and poem anthology, released in ebook format just in time to add to your Christmas reading collection for next month (the print version is coming by the end of this week). Available on Amazon.

Description: Enchanted Christmas Short Stories and Poems by Patricia Arnold has four heartwarming stories of Christmas magic and adventure with a little humor added in. The author follows up her previous Christmas short story anthology, Christmas Poems and Short Stories with this collection of short stories written especially for 2021.

In the first story, The Christmas Play, circa the late 1970’s, a child is excited about being in the School Christmas play. A second story, The Magic Christmas Card features a reluctant Christmas time traveler who must decide if he should alter the past or follow his friend’s advice. A third story, The Case of the Missing Christmas Tree is about a father’s mission to determine what happened to their missing Christmas tree. Clues lead to the eccentric artificial tree manufacturer who produced it. The fourth story, Double the Recipe is a tale about an heirloom family recipe box capable of surprising things.

These touching, at times humorous and enchanting stories will transform your Christmas story telling tradition, Includes two poems by the author, Christmas at Grandmas and Snow World.

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