Draekkon’s Fire Available on Kindle Vella

Draekkon's Fire Cover Reveal Fantasy Fiction story Vella by Patti Arnold

Today my newest fantasy fiction novel Draekkon’s Fire, debuts as a Kindle Vella (before being published as an ebook and in print). The first two episodes are available with new episodes to be added weekly. This will be an ongoing series on Vella until a first book is published – it was already in the final stages with 50 chapters! Publishing this story as a Vella on KDP offers the opportunity for me to get to know the readers. I’ll include notes about each episode and a short poll for readers to participate in. I hope you enjoy the series!

In the meantime, here is the cover reveal! I created the book cover myself. Creating my own cover gave me the opportunity to sharpen my digital and graphic design skills. The design features the main characters (from left to right) Datura, Aeve and Storm. Cintarzia is a world I created at the beginning of the pandemic, when I was looking for something challenging to write. There isn’t a better genre than epic fantasy to distract me. I hope you enjoy it!

Draekkon's Fire Cover Reveal Fantasy Fiction story Vella by Patti Arnold
Cover Design by Patricia Arnold, ©2022.

A description of the series:

Cintarzians are enjoying a century of peace without dragons until someone upsets the balance. When a bitter queen goes all-in on revenge, a cruel king presses his advantage. Their foolish actions benefit Vellaine, a sorcerer conjuring a dragon. With the immortal witch Datura at his side, he can conquer Cintarzia if she wishes it.

Storm Crossley, and his allies race the clock to save a world on the edge. As the Crimson Guard and others prepare for battle, the druids use magic against sorcery.