Woodburning Wednesdays: Morel Mushroom Maple Cutting Board

This winter, I realized I had too many art projects. After giving it some thought, I decided to give each medium its own day. I’ll make videos on at least one of those days.

In addition to sharing a first consonant with Wednesday, woodburning is great fit for the middle of the week. I hope to post videos each time I create something new. It took me until Thursday to post the Wednesday video, and of course, Friday I will continue the self-portrait I’m working on.

For my first Woodburning Wednesday, I thought I would create a morel mushroom cutting board. After investing in a bottle of cutting board oil, I was ready to get started.

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The cutting board oil performed well, was completely scent-free as advertised and made the surface of the wood smooth. I could see this oil as a solution for sealing coasters and other kitchen related items.

As an amateur mushroom hunter, morels are often what I’m looking for. Future cutting boards will feature other food favorites.

I decided to woodburn just a portion of the board so it could be functional for cutting things on. Maple is such a beautiful wood, perfect for cutting boards. I wanted the natural wood to take center stage.

You can view the video of me working on this project below. This cutting board is available on Etsy. My art is available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

I also accept custom orders, direct or on Etsy. I can create just about any design, including personalization. Thinking of the perfect wedding or housewarming gift? Cutting boards are perfect! Message me with questions and requests.

Materials used:

  • Razertip SS D-10 Pyrography Pen
  • 8.5″ Maple Wood Slice
  • Howard Cutting Board Oil – Food grade mineral oil.