Self-Portrait from a Selfie Videos

As I continue my portrait series, my goal for the project is to create art inspired by the people I know. The first portrait I created was in pastel pencil and watercolor. A New Day is a portrait of Lisa at a Lake Huron beach. The second portrait, Bill’s World is a watercolor and pastel of my father fishing one of his favorite spots near Lake City, Michigan.

For this new portrait, I decided to go with a selfie that I took of myself. I tried to make it as simple as possible, focusing on my features including all my wrinkles, sloppy clothing and free of makeup. When I began the project, I was inspired by Andrew Wyeth and his realistic style. The subject of his paintings are people in settings that surrounded him.

Like myself, Andrew Wyeth came from a family of artists. With the addition working in the realistic style, that is probably where the comparison ends. It’s not my intent to attempt the precision he used in his art, but to simply choose subjects I know in settings I see every day in the spirit of his work.

Here is a snapshot of my current progress. There are many things left to fix and finishing, notably the right eye, more shading on the shirt and the blank spaces (the list goes on). I will post an update with the completed work in the future. I’ve been using Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground to fix my happy mistakes, and it’s been a helpful product. One of the reasons I moved to canvas was to have the freedom to rework the surface easier when compared to paper. The watercolor ground and random gel pens have been a gamechanger for my portrait series.

Work in progress, Patti’s Selfie.

I intended on making this a color pencil piece, but after seeing how long it was taking to lay down color, I have opted to fill in large areas with alcohol markers and apply color pencil on top.

The softness of the color pencil was perfect for hair and in the places I want the solid areas to shine. Fabric textures and highlights have been ideal for the color pencils thus far. I have yet to add any watercolor pencils, watercolor paint or pastel to this artwork, but as I like to mix things up, I can’t rule it out!

I’ve posted 5 videos on my YouTube channel showing the beginning process of the work. I began creating videos of my work as a way to demonstrate how I create art. Part 1 is below, and each video covers the entire process. In the future, I probably will just go with the highlights. If you have any questions about my work, have an idea for my next art work, feel free to comment or send my a message.



New Watercolor and Pastel Art Bill’s World

Fishing art by Patricia Arnold

My new landscape painting Bill’s World is complete. The setting is a small lake (called Goose Lake) in Lake City, MI.

This park was often our family camping destination. Our old canvas tent, Grandma fishing, boat rides and lazy days spent swimming with my cousins are among my dearest childhood memories.

This painting has my father Bill fishing at sunset as he often does. Love you, Dad.

Fishing art by Patricia Arnold

New Watercolor Videos

I’ve been working on a series of tutorials demonstrating my painting, woodburning and drawing techniques. They include watercolor, pyrography and drawing demonstrations and just about any medium I am working with. I hope you enjoy my videos as much as I like making them!

To see all of them, visit my YouTube channel or follow me on TikTok. Some of the clips are shorts while others are 20 minutes in length.

New Watercolor Paintings

My latest watercolor painting of my daughter Jessica holding her cat is one of my most recent videos.

The next video shares some of my watercolor painting techniques.

The following video is a demonstration of how I was able to use Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground to correct some of my errors in my portrait of Jessica. This is a small painting!

This next video demonstrates how I was able to incorporate watercolor paintings in my work. I used Prismacolor Watercolor pencils for this artwork.


To see all of them, visit my YouTube channel or follow me on TikTok. Don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Art Explosion Grayling

Voting at Art Explosion in Grayling, MI continues until Sunday. I’m excited to be a part of this. For me, it’s about sharing my with work with everyone and enjoying the work of my fellow artists.

My entry is number 095 and my watercolor and pastel painting, A New Day can be seen at the AuSable Valley Corner Building. Information about voting and the event can be found at

A New Day by Patti Arnold

Art Explosion Grayling Michigan

I just received some amazing news! My mixed media portrait of my daughter Lisa, A New Day has been accepted in the 3rd Annual Great Northern Art Explosion in Grayling, Michigan. A New Day will be one of the artworks on display at AuSable Artisan Village.

I finished this portrait over a week ago after a trip to Lake Huron. Lisa looking at the horizon inspired me to preserve the moment in art. I used watercolor, color pencil and pastels. I hope to create additional portraits with landscape settings. If you get a chance, come see my work, view it online and don’t forget to vote! For more information, visit

A New Day Mixed Media Artwork by Patti Arnold